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Topic: C# and C++

Professional C#, 3rd Edition (0764557599) cover image

Professional C#, 3rd Edition

Simon Robinson, Christian Nagel, Karli Watson, Jay Glynn, Morgan Skinner, Bill Evjen
ISBN: 978-0-7645-5759-0
1224 pages
June 2004
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Part I: The C# Language.

Chapter 1: .NET Architecture.

Chapter 2: C# Basics.

Chapter 3: Objects and Types.

Chapter 4: Inheritance.

Chapter 5: Operators and Casts.

Chapter 6: Delegates and Events.

Chapter 7: Memory Management and Pointers.

Chapter 8: Strings and Regular Expressions.

Chapter 9: Collections.

Chapter 10: Reflection.

Chapter 11: Errors and Exceptions.

Part II: The .NET Environment.

Chapter 12: Visual Studio .NET.

Chapter 13: Assemblies

Chapter 14: .NET Security.

Chapter 15: Threading.

Chapter 16: Distributed Applications with .NET Remoting.

Chapter 17: Localization.

Chapter 18: Deployment.

Part III: Windows Forms.

Chapter 19: Windows Forms.

Chapter 20: Graphics with GDI+.

Part IV: Data.

Chapter 21: Data Access with .NET.

Chapter 22: Viewing .NET Data.

Chapter 23: Manipulating XML.

Chapter 24: Working with Active Directory.

Part V: Web Programming.

Chapter 25: ASP.NET Pages.

Chapter 26: Web Services.

Chapter 27: User Controls and Custom Controls.

Part VI: Interop.

Chapter 28: COM Interoperability.

Chapter 29: Enterprise Services.

Part VII: Windows Base Services.

Chapter 30: File and Registry Operations.

Chapter 31: Accessing the Internet.

Chapter 32: Windows Services.

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Appendix A: Principles of Object-Oriented Programming.

Appendix B: C# for Visual Basic 6 Developers.

Appendix C: C# for Java Developers.

Appendix D: C# for C++ Developers.


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