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Professional C++, 4th Edition

Marc Gregoire
ISBN: 978-1-119-42130-6
1176 pages
April 2018
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Part 1: Introduction to Professional C++

            Chapter 1: A Crash Course in C++ and the Standard Library

            Chapter 2: Working with Strings and String Views

            Chapter 3: Coding with Style

Part 2: Professional C++ Software Design

            Chapter 4: Designing Professional C++ Programs

            Chapter 5: Designing with Objects

            Chapter 6: Designing for Reuse

Part 3: C++ Coding the Professional Way

            Chapter 7: Gaining Proficiency with Classes and Objects

            Chapter 8: Mastering Classes and Objects

            Chapter 9: Discovering Inheritance Techniques

            Chapter 10: C++ Quirks, Oddities, and Incidentals

            Chapter 11: Writing Generic Code with Templates

            Chapter 12: Demystifying C++ I/O

            Chapter 13: Handling Errors

            Chapter 14: Overloading C++ Operators

            Chapter 15: Overview of the C++ Standard Library

            Chapter 16: Understanding Containers and Iterators

            Chapter 17: Mastering Standard Library Algorithms

            Chapter 18: String Localization and Regular Expressions

            Chapter 19: Additional Library Utilities

Part 4: Mastering Advanced Features of C++

            Chapter 20: Customizing and Extending the Standard Library

            Chapter 21: Advanced Templates

            Chapter 22: Memory Management

            Chapter 23: Multithreaded Programming with C++

Part 5: C++ Software Engineering

            Chapter 24: Maximizing Software Engineering Methods

            Chapter 25: Writing Efficient C++

            Chapter 26: Conquering Debugging

            Chapter 27: Become adept at testing

            Chapter 28: Incorporating Design techniques and frameworks
            Chapter 29: Applying design patterns

            Chapter 30: Developing Cross-Platform and Cross-Language Applications
Back Matter

Appendix A: C++ Interviews

Appendix B: Annotated Bibliography

Appendix C: Standard Library Header Files