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Professional CodeIgniter

Thomas Myer
ISBN: 978-0-470-28245-8
336 pages
July 2008
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

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60 Error in Code
First code fragment:
$this->session->set_userdata('user_email'], $row->email);

should be:
$this->session->set_userdata('user_email', $row->email);
67 Error in Book Code
$Q = $this->db->getwhere(products,$options,1);

should be:
$Q = $this->db->getwhere('products',$options,1);

This code is correct in the downloaded version.
4 87 Error in Code
$home['mainf'] = $this->MProducts->getMainFeature();
$skip = $home['mainf']['id'];
$home['sidef'] = $this->MProducts->getRandomProducts(3,$skip);
$data['main'] = $this->load->view('home',$home,true);

should be:

$data['mainf'] = $this->MProducts->getMainFeature();
$skip = $data['mainf']['id'];
$data['sidef'] = $this->MProducts->getRandomProducts(3,$skip);
$data['main'] = 'home';
102 Error in Code
the search() function contains this group of code:

if ($this->input->post('term')){
$search['results'] = $this->MProducts->search($this->input->post

The use of $search['results'] is incorrect, as it should be $data['results'] instead, like this:

if ($this->input->post('term')){
$data['results'] = $this->MProducts->search($this->input->post('term');

The code is correct in the downloadable zip archive.
110 Error in Code
In function updateCart:

$prevname = $cart[$productid][?price?];

should be

$prevprice = $cart[$productid][?price?]
111 Error in Code
In the following code:

function cart($productid){
if ($productid > 0){
$fullproduct = $this->MProducts->getProduct($productid);
redirect(‘welcome/product/’.$productid, ‘refresh’);
$data[‘title’] = “Claudia’s Kids | Shopping Cart”;
if (count($_SESSION[‘cart’]) == true){
$data[‘main’] = ‘’;
$nav[‘navlist’] = $this->MCats->getCategoriesNav();

$nav[‘navlist’] = $this->MCats->getCategoriesNav();

Should be

$data[‘navlist’] = $this->MCats->getCategoriesNav();
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