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Professional Community Server Themes (0470182083) cover image

Professional Community Server Themes

Wyatt Preul, Benjamin Tiedt
ISBN: 978-0-470-18208-6
337 pages
November 2007
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

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Chapter 1: Key Concepts.

Chapter 2: Getting Started.

Chapter 3: URL Rewriting.

Chapter 4: Adding New Pages to SiteUrls.config.

Chapter 5: Basics of Chameleon.

Chapter 6: Implementing Blog Themes.

Chapter 7: Implementing Site Themes.

Chapter 8: Theme Considerations.

Chapter 9: Basics of Dynamic Configuration Options.

Chapter 10: Adding Dynamic Configuration Options to a Theme.

Chapter 11: Content Scrubbing.

Chapter 12: Creating Custom Chameleon Controls.

Chapter 13: Creating Custom Dynamic Configuration Controls and Rules.

Chapter 14: Creating a Custom Editor.

Chapter 15: Creating a Custom Browseable List.

Appendix A: SiteUrls.config Reference.

Appendix B: Chameleon Controls — Common.

Appendix C: Chameleon Controls — Blogs.

Appendix D: Chameleon Controls — Forums.

Appendix E: Chameleon Controls — File Galleries.

Appendix F: Chameleon Controls — Photo Galleries.

Appendix G: Theme.config Reference.


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