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Professional Eclipse 3 for Java Developers (0470020059) cover image

Professional Eclipse 3 for Java Developers

Berthold Daum
ISBN: 978-0-470-02005-0
600 pages
November 2004
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Chapter 1. Introduction to Eclipse.

Chapter 2. Effective Programming with Eclipse.

Chapter 3. The Art of (Visual) Composition.

Chapter 4. Organizing Your Code.

Chapter 5. Project One: Duke Speaks.

Chapter 6. Project Development.

Chapter 7. Advanced Topics of Project Development.

Chapter 8. The SWT Library.

Chapter 9. JFace.

Chapter 10. Project Two: Jukebox.

Chapter 11. Developing Plug-ins for the Eclipse Platform.

Chapter 12. Developing Your Own Eclipse-Based Products.

Chapter 13. A Spell Checker as an Eclipse Plug-in.

Chapter 14. The Rich Client Platform.

Chapter 15. The Hex Game as a Rich Client Application.

Chapter 16. Conclusions and Outlook.

Appendix A: Useful Plug-ins for Eclipse.

Appendix B: Migrating Projects to a New Eclipse Version.

Appendix C: Important Downloads.

Appendix D: Bibliography.