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Professional Excel Services

Shahar Prish
ISBN: 978-0-470-10486-6
480 pages
April 2007
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1. Introduction to Excel Services.

2. User and Administrator Cheat Sheet.

3. Inside Excel Services.

4. Programmability Options.

5. Hello World Sample.

6. Excel Web Services Reference.

7. Building the Excel Services Library (ESL).

8. UDF Sample.

9. UDF Reference.

10. Client Support for Server UDFs.

11. Using Excel Web Access. Services Projects

12. Utilizing Web Services in UDFs.

13. Custom Web Services.

14. RSS Over Excel Services.

15. Excel Services as an RTD Server.

16. Real Time Data UDF.

17. Directly Parameterized Workbooks.

18. SQL Tables and SharePoint.

19. External Workbook References.

20. Excel Services Workflows.

21. EWA Projects.

22. Excel Data Filter.

23. Excel Mashup.

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