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Professional Hibernate

Eric Pugh, Joseph D. Gradecki
ISBN: 978-0-7645-7677-5
456 pages
October 2004
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Chapter 1: Introduction to Mapping Objects to Relational Databases.

Chapter 2: Introduction to Hibernate.

Chapter 3: Hibernate Development Environment.

Chapter 4: Database Connecting and Schema Generation.

Chapter 5: Creating Persistent Classes.

Chapter 6: Working with Collections.

Chapter 7: Using Persistent Objects.

Chapter 8: Hibernate Query Language.

Chapter 9: Hibernate Caching.

Chapter 10: Hibernate Transactions and Locking.

Chapter 11: J2EE and Hibernate.

Chapter 12: Hibernate and DAO Design Pattern.

Chapter 13: Hibernate and XDoclet.

Chapter 14: Hibernate and Maven.

Chapter 15: Hibernate Extensions.

Chapter 16: Hibernate and Eclipse.

Chapter 17: Using Velocity, Struts, and Hibernate.

Chapter 18: Hibernate and AspectJ.

Appendix A: Hibernate Database Connectivity.

Appendix B: Getting Involved with Hibernate.

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