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Professional Jakarta Struts (0764544373) cover image

Professional Jakarta Struts

James Goodwill, Richard Hightower
ISBN: 978-0-7645-4437-8
452 pages
October 2003
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Chapter 1: Introducing the Jakarta Struts Project and Its Supporting Components.

Chapter 2: An Overview of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages Architectures.

Chapter 3: Getting Started with Struts.

Chapter 4: Actions and ActionServlet.

Chapter 5: Advanced Action Classes.

Chapter 6: Building the Presentation Layer.

Chapter 7: Debugging Struts Applications.

Chapter 8: Working with Custom ActionMappings.

Chapter 9: Internationalizing Your Struts Applications.

Chapter 10: Managing Errors.

Chapter 11: Integrating the Jakarta Commons Database Connection Pool (DBCP).

Chapter 12: Working with the Validator.

Chapter 13: Using Tiles.

Chapter 14: Developing a Complete Struts Application.

Chapter 15: The struts-config.xml File.

Chapter 16: The HTML Tag Library.

Chapter 17: The Tiles Tag Library.

Chapter 18: The Logic Tag Library.

Chapter 19: The Template Tag Library.

Chapter 20: The Bean Tag Library.

Chapter 21: Struts Cookbook.