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Professional Java, JDK 5 Edition (0764574868) cover image

Professional Java, JDK 5 Edition

W. Clay Richardson, Donald Avondolio, Joe Vitale, Scot Schrager, Mark W. Mitchell, Jeff Scanlon
ISBN: 978-0-7645-7486-3
744 pages
February 2005
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Chapter 1: Key Java Language Features and Libraries.

Chapter 2: Tools and Techniques for Developing Java Solutions.

Chapter 3: Exploiting Patterns in Java.

Chapter 4: Developing Effective User Interfaces with JFC.

Chapter 5: Persisting Your Application Using Files.

Chapter 6: Persisting Your Application Using Databases.

Chapter 7: Developing Web Applications Using the Model 1 Architecture.

Chapter 8: Developing Web Applications Using the Model 2 Architecture.

Chapter 9: Interacting with C/C++ Using Java Native Interface.

Chapter 10: Communicating between Java Components with RMI and EJB.

Chapter 11: Communicating between Java Components and Components of Other Platforms.

Chapter 12: Distributed Processing with JMS and JMX.

Chapter 13: Java Security.

Chapter 14: Packaging and Deploying Your Java Applications.


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