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Professional Java for Web Applications

Nicholas S. Williams
ISBN: 978-1-118-65646-4
936 pages
March 2014
Other Available Formats: Wiley E-Text
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Introduction xxiii

Part I: Creating Enterprise Applications

Chapter 1: Introducing Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 3

Chapter 2: Using Web Containers 19

Chapter 3: Writing Your First Servlet 41

Chapter 4: Using JSPs to Display Content 73

Chapter 5: Maintaining State Using Sessions 105

Chapter 6: Using the Expression Language in JSPs 143

Chapter 7: Using the Java Standard Tag Library 177

Chapter 8: Writing Custom Tag and Function Libraries 209

Chapter 9: Improving Your Application Using Filters 233

Chapter 10: Making Your Application Interactive wi th WebSockets 257

Chapter 11: Using Logging to Monitor Your Application 297

Part II: Adding Spring Framework Into the Mix

Chapter 12: Introducing Spring Framework 323

Chapter 13: Replacing Your Servlets with Controllers 355

Chapter 14: Using Services and Repositories to Support Your Controllers 389

Chapter 15: Internationalizing Your Application with Spring Framework i18n 417

Chapter 16: Using JSR 349, Spring Framework, and Hibernate Validator for Bean Validation 441

Chapter 17: Creating RESTful and SOA P Web Services 473

Chapter 18: Using Messaging and Clustering for Flexibility and Reliability 509

Part III: Persisting Data with JPA and Hibernate ORM

Chapter 19: Introducing Java Persistence API and Hibernate ORM 543

Chapter 20: Mapping Entities to Tables with JPA Annotations 565

Chapter 21: Using JPA in Spring Framework Repositories 597

Chapter 22: Eliminating Boilerplate Repositories with Spring Data JPA 633

Chapter 23: Searching for Data with JPA and Hibernate Search 663

Chapter 24: Creating Advanced Mappi ngs and Custom Data Types 693

Part IV: Securing Your Application wi th Spring Security

Chapter 25: Introducing Spring Security 729

Chapter 26: Authenticating Users with Spring Security 747

Chapter 27: Using Authorization Tags and Annotations 779

Chapter 28: Securing RESTful Web Services with OAuth 815

Summary 862

Index 865

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