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Professional K2 blackpearl

Holly Anderson, Jason Apergis, Sergio Del Piccolo, Chris Geier, Codi Kaji, Shaun Leisegang, Igor Macori, Gabriel Malherbe, Jason Montgomery, Colin Murphy, Chris O'Connor, Anthony Petro, Eric Schaffer, Mike Talley
ISBN: 978-0-470-29305-8
936 pages
February 2009
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Introduction.d Process-Driven Applications

1. Introduction to BPM and the K2 Platform.

2. Evolving Workflow and BPM into Process-Driven Applications.

3. Designing Process-Driven Applications.

4. Process-Driven Applications and K2 blackpearl.

5. Planning an Effective Deployment.

6. Planning an Effective Development, Testing, and Staging Environment and Strategy.

7. Building and Using SmartObjects.

8. Effective Process-Driven Application Planning.

9. Creating Your First Workflow.

10. Deploying Your Processes and SmartObjects.

11. Working with InfoPath and ASP.NET Forms.

12. Working with SharePoint.

13. Working with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

14. The K2 Designers and Collaborative Process Design.

15. Server and Component Administration.

16. Administering Permissions and Security.

17. Administering and Creating Security Providers.

18. Disaster Recovery Planning.

19. Logging and System Reporting.

20. Using the K2 Workspace and Reporting. Concepts and Platform Extensions.

21. The K2 Event Bus.

22. Advanced Topics in K2 blackpearl.

23. Introduction to K2 connect.

Appendix A: K2 blackpearl Tips and Tricks.