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Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services (0470242019) cover image

Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

Paul Turley, Thiago Silva, Bryan C. Smith, Ken Withee
ISBN: 978-0-470-24201-8
816 pages
December 2008
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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
137 Error in Code
The T-SQL script should be corrected so this line reads:

ON F.SalesTerritoryKey = ST.SalesTerritoryKey
141 Error in Text
In order to reproduce the results shown in Chapter 6, one correction and additional step is necessary:

On page 141 - Group the details on the SalesTerritoryRegion field

After adding the CalendarYear and SalesTerritory Region groups shown on page 140, it is neccesary to add a detail row group expression for the SalesTerritoryRegion field. To do this, click the down arrow on the (DetailsGroup) in the Row Groups list and choose Group Properties. In the Group Properties dialog, click the Add button under Group expressions. Choose the [SalesTerritoryRegion] from the field list and then click OK to close the dialog. After making this modification to the detail group, hover over the SalesAmount field and click the field list icon. Reselect the SalesAmount field from the drop-down list. This will apply the SUM aggregate function
144 Error in Text
Instead of inserting the total row for the SalesTerritoryRegion field (shown in Figure 6-19,) right-click the CalendarYear textbox and then follow the same instructions to insert a new row for the total.
572, 573 Error in Text
On page 572, the function declaration in the C# code uses the wrong function name. It is:


It should be:


On Pg 573, just below the VB code sample, thereís a reference to the same function name in the paragraph, but itís misspelled: REGetParemeter (itís not pluralized like the code).
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