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Professional Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Workflow Programming (0470402512) cover image

Professional Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Workflow Programming

Shahram Khosravi
ISBN: 978-0-470-40251-1
624 pages
September 2008
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Chapter 1: Workflow Programming Principles.

Chapter 2: Developing Custom Workflows.

Chapter 3: Programming SharePoint External Data Exchange Services.

Chapter 4: CallExternalMethodActivity-Based SharePoint Activities.

Chapter 5: HandleExternalEventActivity-Based SharePoint Activities.

Chapter 6: Workflow Security and Management, and Fault Handling.

Chapter 7: Workflow Modification and Task Editing.

Chapter 8: Developing Custom Office SharePoint Designer 2007 Actions and Conditions.

Chapter 9: Workflow Actions and Conditions XML Markup Language.

Chapter 10: Deploying Workflows and Actions through SharePoint Solution Package.