Professional Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 (0470109173) cover image

Professional Microsoft Virtual Server 2005

Ben Armstrong
ISBN: 978-0-470-10917-5
591 pages
April 2007
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Part I: Getting Started with Virtual Servers.

Chapter 1. Why Virtualize?

Chapter 2. Getting Started with Microsoft Virtual Server 2005.

Chapter 3. Virutal Server Basic Concepts.

Chapter 4. Installing Guest Operating Systems.

Part II: Optimizing Virtual Machine Management and Usage. 

Chapter 5. Creating a Virtual Machine Library.

Chapter 6. Understanding Virtual Machine Performance.

Part III: Maintaining Virtual Machines.

Chapter 7. Monitoring and Managing Virtual Machines.

Chapter 8. Keeping Virtual Machines Up to Date.

Part IV: Security and Backup for Virtual Machines.

Chapter 9. Keeping Virtual Machines Secure.

Chapter 10. Securing Virtual Server.

Chapter 11. Backing Up Virtual Machines.

Part V: Physical to Virtual Migration. 

Chapter 12. Manual Physical to Virtual Migration of Servers.

Chapter 13. Manual Physical to Virtual Migrations.

Part VI: Virtual Machines and Clustering. 

Chapter 14. Clustering Virtual Machines.

Chapter 15. Clustering Virtual Server.

Part VII: Automating Virtual Machine Operations.

Chapter 16. Using the Virtual Server COM Interface.

Chapter 17. Scripting Virtual Server.

Chapter 18. Using PowerShell to Control Virtual Server.

Part VIII: Developing Software for Virtual Servers. 

Chapter 19. Developing Managed Applications for Virtual Server.

Chapter 20. Developing ASP.NET Applications with Virtual Server.

Part IX: Development and Debugging in Virtual Machines.

Chapter 21. Application Debugging with Virtual Server.

Appendix A. Common Problems and Solutions.

Appendix B. Virtual Server Clustering Script: HAVM.VBS.