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Professional Oracle® Programming (0764574825) cover image

Professional Oracle® Programming

Rick Greenwald, Robert Stackowiak, Gary Dodge, David Klein, Ben Shapiro, Christopher G. Chelliah
ISBN: 978-0-7645-7482-5
790 pages
June 2005
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What Does This Book Cover?

Who Is This Book For?

What You Need to Use This Book.

How Is This Book Structured?

Part I: Oracle Essentials.

Part II: Data Topics.

Part III: Database Programming Languages.

Part IV: Programming Techniques.

Part V: Business Intelligence Techniques.

Part VI: Optimization.

The Bigger Picture.


Source Code.


Chapter 1: Oracle Architecture and Storage.

Chapter 2: Using SQL.

Chapter 3: Handling Multiple Users.

Chapter 4: Database Design Basics.

Chapter 5: Oracle Security.

Chapter 6: The Oracle Data Dictionary.

Chapter 7: Installing Oracle.

Chapter 8: Introduction to SQL.

Chapter 9: Extended SQL.

Chapter 10: Indexes.

Chapter 11: Constraints.

Chapter 12: Other Database Structures.

Chapter 13: Functions.

Chapter 14: Distributed Queries, Transactions, and Databases.

Chapter 15: PL/SQL Basics.

Chapter 16: PL/SQL and SQL.

Chapter 17: PL/SQL Packages.

Chapter 18: Introduction to Java Database Programming.

Chapter 19: Triggers.

Chapter 20: Regular Expressions and Expression Filter.

Chapter 21: Object Relational Interactions with Oracle.

Chapter 22: Oracle XML DB.

Chapter 23: HTML-DB.

Chapter 24: High-Speed Data Movement.

Chapter 25: Data Loading and Management.

Chapter 26: Business Intelligence Query.

Chapter 27: Business Intelligence Analysis.

Chapter 28: Optimization.