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Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services

Brian Knight, Allan Mitchell, Darren Green, Douglas Hinson, Kathi Kellenberger, Andy Leonard, Erik Veerman, Jason Gerard, Haidong Ji, Mike Murphy
ISBN: 978-0-7645-8435-0
720 pages
January 2006
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xxvi Text Error
In the introduction page xxvi in the "What You Need to Use This Book" you mention you need Visual Studio 2205. It should be 2005.
32 Error in Text
In this chapter, you'll mainly explore the Controller Flow tab.

should be

In this chapter, you'll mainly explore the Control Flow tab.
48 Error in Text/Code
In chapter 3, page 48 instructs the reader to:

"go to the page for this book at and download the example extract ZipCode.txt file."

This is a data file, not "code".

To see the actual code, please see the above download for Chapter 3.
64 Error in Reference in Figure 3-20
Figure 3-20 refers to the url:

As of today, is a pornographic site.
4 80 Error in Text
In the Configuration Manager page of the OLE DB Source Editor (Figure 4-8, select the Configuration Manager of your OLE DB source

should be:

Connection Manger not Configuration.
91 Error in Text
5th line:

For example, in Figure 4.13

should read:

For example, in Figure 4.16
94 Error in Text
"In the screenshot in Figure 4-15" should be referring to Figure 4-18.
104 Error in Text
"You can see an example of this in Figure 4-28" should be referring to Figure 4-27.
109 Error in Text
first paragraph of "Union All"
The Union All transform works much the opposite way as the Merge transform

should be:
The Union All transform works much the same way as the Merge transform
126 Error in URL should be:
127-128 Error in Table
4th column: stops at 65 should be: 76
143 Error in Text
In paragraph 3, the chapter about the nuts and bolts of getting things done:

"thing" should read "things"
149 Error in Text
On page 149, Step 11 tells the customer to configure a Flat File Destination "c:\myfile.txt", but in step 12 it calls the file: "C:\Execute SQL Sample.txt"

In Step 12 it should be changed to: "C:\myfile.txt" , this error happens twice in step 12's section.
181 Error in Text
Fuzzy Lookup (used twice)

should be:
Fuzzy Grouping
187 Error in Text
OLE DB transform...the transform

should be:
OLE DB Source...the Source
233 Error in Code

should be:



should be:
462 Error in Text
Page 462:
Text reads:
"select Tools -> Attach to Process"

Should read:
"select Debug -> Attach to Process"
606 BankBatch
Fourth line of code reads "BankBatch". This should be styled as Heading 3, not code.