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Professional SQL Server 2005 Programming (0764584340) cover image

Professional SQL Server 2005 Programming

Robert Vieira
ISBN: 978-0-7645-8434-3
912 pages
December 2006
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

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Chapter 1: Being Objective: Re-Examining Objects in SQL Server.

Chapter 2: Tool Time.

Chapter 3: Basic T-SQL.

Chapter 4: Creating and Altering Tables.

Chapter 5: Reviewing Keys and Constraints.

Chapter 6: Asking a Better Question: Advanced Queries.

Chapter 7: Daring to Design.

Chapter 8: SQL Server — Storage and Index Structures.

Chapter 9: Views.

Chapter 10: Scripts and Batches.

Script Basics.

Chapter 11: Getting Procedural: Stored Procedures and User-Defined.

Chapter 12: Transactions and Locks.

Chapter 13: Triggers.

Chapter 14: Nothing But NET!

Chapter 15: SQL Cursors.

Chapter 16: XML Integration

Chapter 17: Reporting for Duty, Sir!

Chapter 18: Buying in Bulk: the Bulk Copy Program (BCP) and Other Basic Bulk Operations.

Chapter 19: Getting Integrated.

Chapter 20: Replication.

Chapter 21: Looking at Things in Full: Full-Text Search.

Chapter 22: Security.

Security Basics.

Chapter 23: Playing a Good Tune: Performance Tuning.

Chapter 24: Administrator.

Chapter 25: SMO: SQL Management Objects.

Appendix A: System Functions.

Appendix B: Connectivity.

Appendix C: Getting Service.


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