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Professional SharePoint® 2007 Development (0470117567) cover image

Professional SharePoint® 2007 Development

John Holliday, John Alexander, Jeff Julian, Eli Robillard, Brendon Schwartz, Matt Ranlett, J. Dan Attis, Adam Buenz, Thomas Rizzo
ISBN: 978-0-470-11756-9
744 pages
June 2007
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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
A revised Acknowledgments page is now available for download.
2 43 Error in Text
Step 4, bottom of page, delete the following:
[ED: Is the list in parentheses okay, or should the series of steps be spelled out in detail?]
2 50-51 Addition to Text
end of step 4 from bottom of page 50, top of page 51:

After ?This will open the ports on your development machine necessary for remote debugging.?


You may also need to give the developer account the Logon as service right and change the setting for the Network Access: sharing and security model for local accounts to Classic.
62 Error in Text
Step 1 in 'Creating a Standard Link List' reads 'Click Site Settings and then Create'.

This should read 'Click Site Actions and then Create'"
4 183 Error in Code
first line (code) reads:
// add column 1 into row 3

should be:
// add column 2 into row 2
5 225 Error in Table
table, top left under "Web Service" header, continuation of the table from previous page reads:
Users and Groups (continued)

should be:
Web Part Pages (contintued)
288 Error in Text
in the bottom code block:

UserProfile userProfile = null; [Author: Why is this variable called "newUser".....thanks,brendon].

should be only:
UserProfile userProfile = null;

Delete the whole [Author: Why is this variable called "newUser".....thanks,brendon] section.
5 293 Error in Code
single shaded line of code in the middle of the page:
property.Separator = MultiValueSeparator.Semicolon;

should be:
skillProperty.Separator = MultiValueSeparator.Semicolon;
16 633 Error in Figure 16-11
Figure 16-11 is incorrect and should be replaced with the figure available in on our download page.
16 639 Error in Text
step 4:

http://localhost/_vti_bin/ExcelService.asmx should be:

http://localhost:xxxx/_vti_bin/ExcelService.asmx where xxxx is the port number for the administration site.