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Professional SlickEdit

John Hurst
ISBN: 978-0-470-12215-0
472 pages
November 2007
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
120 Error in Table
p. 120 Table 6-1 The commands "wrox-prev-word" and "wrox-next-word" were changed during writing to "wrox-prev-whitespace-word" and "wrox-next-whitespace-word". They are incorrect in this table, and in several occurrences in the text in the following pages.
121 Error in Text
paragraph 3:

"further below in this chapter"

should be:

"later in this chapter"
121 Error in Figure
Figure 6-6:

the line numbered "5" should indicate the end of the word "size", not between the 'z' and the 'e' as it does.
200 Error in Text
"Add data in columns"

should be:

"Add characters in columns"
205 Error in Figure
The description of Figure 10-8 should state "10 x 3 block selection".
208 Error in Formatting
Last line: "block fill" and "block insert" are not commands, and should be in the regular paragraph font.
220 Addition to Text
1st para: As well as mentioning quote-key, I should mention commands like keyin-space and keyin-enter here.
223 Error in Text
"some CSV data"

should be:

"some data"

(The data are not CSV in this example.)
259 Error in Text
"several commercial tools"

should be:

"many commercial tools"
262 Problem with Example
There is an example XML fragment shown here, but there is no discussion of what it illustrates! I left out a paragraph or two of explanation, and possibly some steps to follow.
269 Correction
The Alt+N key binding for keyin-buf-name requires the WROX emulation. Should be indicated as "(WROX: Alt+N)".
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