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Professional UML Using Visual Studio .Net (0764543768) cover image

Professional UML Using Visual Studio .Net

Andrew Filev, Tony Loton, Kevin McNeish, Ben Schoellmann, John Slater, Chaur G. Wu
ISBN: 978-0-7645-4376-0
360 pages
December 2002
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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
3 91 SaveDataSet operation

Under the Adding the SaveDataSet Operation, step 1 should read In the Model Explorer, right-click the DataAccessBase class node and not the DataSet class node.

20-Dec-02 1
3 99 Adding Overloaded BusinessObject Operations

The second sentence below the Adding Overloaded BusinessObject Operations heading should read: We will add GetDataSet and SaveDataSet operations rather than: We will add GetDataSet and SetDataSet operations

20-Dec-02 1
108 Missing Step in Adding Use Case Text

There is a step missing here. After the "Adding Use Case Text.." heading on page 108, the second sentence says "I often find it helpful to add a description of the use case I'm modeling to the sequence diagram". And that is exactly what happens to produce the screenshot on page 109. The description of the use case (which is the numbered list on page 105) is added to the Documentation field. This can then be pasted, etc, as we do on page 108.

05-Feb-03 1