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Professional VB 2005

Bill Evjen, Billy Hollis, Rockford Lhotka, Tim McCarthy, Rama Ramachandran, Kent Sharkey, Bill Sheldon
ISBN: 978-0-7645-7536-5
1104 pages
November 2005
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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
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4 Updated Chapter 4 Files
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25 Error in Text
Next to last sentence:
Compile tab

should be:
31 Error in Text
Line 6:

should be:
34 Error in Text
Under the heading 'Adding a Control and Event Handler', the first line:

"The button you've dragged..."
Should be:
"Drag a button control from the toolbox on to the form. The button you've dragged..."
35 Error in Reference
Line before listing:
Chapter 8

should be:
Chapter 9
46-47 "Show Tasks" option
In Chapter 2 under the "The Task List",

"Show Tasks" is listed in two places.

The Show Tasks option was removed in the release version. The release version has a drop down that allows for the selection of tasks.

It should also be noted that in the release version, the build results with the errors and warnings is it's own window and is separate from the Task List.
49 Error in Text
"8. Select Tool -> Macros -> Record Temporary Macro"
should be:
"8. Select Tools -> Macros -> Macro Explorer"
69 Error in Text
Paragraph 4, lines 1 and 2:
"Object Strict"

Should read:
"Option Strict"


Line 3 or "Char and Byte" section:
It is then assigns

should be:
It is then assigned
74 UBound Function Error
Second line under the heading "the UBound Function":

"... from arrMyIntArray2(0) to arrMyIntArray1(3)."
Should be:
"... from arrMyIntArray2(0) to arrMyIntArray2(3)."
133 Error in Text
figure 4.5, the window should not include Mary 48 as the first item. Remove the first instance of Mary 48 from the window.
104, 105, 108 Inconsistant Prefix
104, 105, 108 you use fields with type prefix, e.g. mstrName while earlier in the chapter they were declared without it, e.g. mName
938 Error in Code Formatting
In the code example under item 9, there are several text formatting errors. The two important errors follow:

Line 6: Dim reader should start on a new line
938 Error in Code Formatting
In the code example under item 9, there are several text formatting errors. The two important errors follow:

Line 10: Dim posEnd should start on a new line
956-959 Missing Step for "Creating your Web Server"
There should be a new step between 3 and 4 for "Creating your Web Server":

3. Add the private members to the Class. In addition, add a constant to identify the port number the service will use for listening. Select a port that currently isn't in use on your computer. I'll use 9090.

Private listener As New HttpListener()
Private theService As String

Private Const PORT As Integer = 9090
569 Error in TExt
control.Name Property (1stSource, 1stTarget) does not accept a digit as a first character.

From VB Documentation: When you name an element in your Visual Basic application, the first character of that name must be an alphabetic character or an underscore. Note, however, that names beginning with an underscore are not compliant with the Common Language Specification (CLS).
The documentation I sighted was the MSDN Online library section on "Visual Basic Naming Conventions."
The link to that article is here: (