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Professional Visual Studio® 2005 (0764598465) cover image

Professional Visual Studio® 2005

Andrew Parsons, Nick Randolph
ISBN: 978-0-7645-9846-3
912 pages
August 2006
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

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Andrew Parsons is an accomplished programmer, journalist, and author. He created, launched, and served as chief editor for Australian Developer magazine, which was so successful that it expanded globally and is now known as International Developer. Subsequent to that success, Parsons launched the local Australian and New Zealand edition of MSDN magazine. In addition, he has written a variety of technical books, including topics as diverse as HTML and CSS, Photoshop, and Visual Basic Express. When not writing, Parsons consults on .NET programming implementations for a number of clients, and currently serves as a senior consultant at Readify Pty, Ltd (www.readify.net), as well as running his own business, Parsons Designs (www.parsonsdesigns.com), and GAMEparents (www.gameparents.com), a website dedicated to helping parents understand and enjoy computer and video games.

Nick Randolph is an experienced .NET developer and solution architect. During his time with Software Engineering Australia, a not-for-profit industry body, Nick founded the Perth .NET Community of Practice and has been integrally involved in the local .NET community since. When Nick joined AutumnCare (www.autumncare.com.au) as Development Manager, he was responsible for their product architecture, which incorporated best practices around building smart client applications using the .NET Framework. Nick is currently a solutions architect with SoftTeq (http://softteq.com), which provides consulting, training, and mentoring services. Outside of his consulting role, Nick takes a proactive approach toward technology, ever seeking to learn, use, and present on beta products. As a Microsoft MVP, Nick has been invited to present at IT conferences such as TechEd, MEDC, and Code Camp, and has been a worldwide finalist judge for the Microsoft Imagine Cup for the last two years.

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