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Professional Visual Studio® 2005 (0764598465) cover image

Professional Visual Studio® 2005

Andrew Parsons, Nick Randolph
ISBN: 978-0-7645-9846-3
912 pages
August 2006
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

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Part I: The Integrated Development Environment.

Chapter 1: A Quick Tour of the IDE.

Chapter 2: Options.

Chapter 3: The Toolbox.

Chapter 4: The Solution Explorer.

Chapter 5: Customizing the IDE.

Chapter 6: Form Design.

Part II: Project and Solution Design.

Chapter 7: Projects and Solutions.

Chapter 8: Source Control.

Chapter 9: Application Configuration Files.

Chapter 10: XML Resource Files.

Part III: Documentation and Research.

Chapter 11: Help and Research.

Chapter 12: XML Comments.

Chapter 13: Control and Document Outline.

Part IV: Security and Modeling.

Chapter 14: Code Generation.

Chapter 15: Security Concepts.

Chapter 16: Cryptography.

Chapter 17: Obfuscation.

Part V: Coding.

Chapter 18: IntelliSense.

Chapter 19: Code Snippets.

Chapter 20: Regions and Bookmarks.

Chapter 21: Refactoring.

Chapter 22: Generics, Nullable Types, and Partial Types.

Chapter 23: Language-Specific Features.

Chapter 24: The My Namespace.

Part VI: Automation.

Chapter 25: Code Generation Templates.

Chapter 26: Macros.

Chapter 27: Connection Strings.

Chapter 28: Assembly Signing.

Chapter 29: Preemptive Error Correction.

Chapter 30: Strongly Typed DataSets.

Chapter 31: Data Binding and Object Data Sources.

Chapter 32: Add-Ins.

Chapter 33: Third-Party Extensions.

Chapter 34: Starter Kits.

Part VII: Other Time Savers.

Chapter 35: Workspace Control.

Chapter 36: Find and Replace.

Chapter 37: Server Explorer.

Chapter 38: Visual Database Tools.

Chapter 39: Regular Expressions.

Chapter 40: Tips, Hacks, and Tweaks.

Chapter 41: Creating Web Applications.

Chapter 42: Additional Web Techniques.

Chapter 43: Building Device Applications.

Chapter 44: Advanced Device Application Programming.

Part VIII: Build and Deployment.

Chapter 45: Upgrading to Visual Studio 2005.

Chapter 46: Build Customization.

Chapter 47: Deployment: ClickOnce and Other Methods.

Part IX: Debugging and Testing.

Chapter 48: Using the Debugging Windows.

Chapter 49: Debugging Breakpoints.

Chapter 50: Debugging Proxies and Visualizers.

Chapter 51: Maintaining Web Applications.

Chapter 52: Other Debugging Techniques.

Chapter 53: Unit Testing.

Part X: Extensions for Visual Studio 2005.

Chapter 54: InfoPath 2003 Toolkit.

Chapter 55: Visual Studio Tools for Office.

Chapter 56: Visual Studio Team System.


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