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Professional Visual Studio Extensibility (0470230843) cover image

Professional Visual Studio Extensibility

Keyvan Nayyeri
ISBN: 978-0-470-23084-8
552 pages
March 2008
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

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Chapter 1: What Is Visual Studio?

Chapter 2: The .NET Framework.

Chapter 3: Quick Tour.

Chapter 4: The Automation Model.

Chapter 5: Add - In Wizard.

Chapter 6: The Anatomy of an Add - In.

Chapter 7: Manipulating the Solutions, Projects, and Project Items.

Chapter 8: Manipulating Documents.

Chapter 9: Manipulating Code and the Build Process.

Chapter 10: The User Interface.

Chapter 11: Tools Options Page.

Chapter 12: Debugging and Testing Add - Ins.

Chapter 13: Deploying Add - Ins.

Chapter 14: Localizing Add-Ins.

Chapter 15: Visual Studio Shell.

Chapter 16: Domain - Specific Language Tools.

Chapter 17: Extending the Debugger.

Chapter 18: VSPackages.

Chapter 19: Code Snippets.

Chapter 20: Templates.

Chapter 21: MSBuild.

Chapter 22: Macros.

Appendix A: Third - Party Add - Ins and Extensions.

Appendix B: Resources.


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