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Professional Windows® PowerShell

Andrew Watt
ISBN: 978-0-471-94693-9
552 pages
April 2007
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1. Getting Started with Windows PowerShell.

2. The Need for Windows PowerShell.

3. The Windows PowerShell Approach.

4. Using the Interactive Shell.

5. Using Snapins, Startup Files, and Preferences.

6. Parameters.

7. Filtering and Formatting Output.

8. Using Trusting Operations.

9. Retrieving and Working with Data.

10. Scripting with Windows PowerShell.

11. Additional Windows PowerShell Language Constructs.

12. Processing Text.

13. COM Automation.

14. Scripting .NET.

15. Using Windows PowerShell Tools for Discovery.

16. Security.

17. Working with Errors and Exceptions.

18. Debugging.

19. Working with the File System.

20. Working with the Registry.

21. Working with Environment Variables.

22. Working with Logs.

23. Working with WMI.

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