Professional Xen Virtualization (0470138114) cover image

Professional Xen Virtualization

William von Hagen
ISBN: 978-0-470-13811-3
405 pages
January 2008
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Chapter 1: Overview of Virtualization.

Chapter 2: Introduction to Xen.

Chapter 3: Obtaining and Installing Xen.

Chapter 4: Booting and Configuring a Xen Host.

Chapter 5: Configuring and Booting Virtual Machines.

Chapter 6: Building Filesystems for Virtual Machines.

Chapter 7: Managing and Monitoring Virtual Machines.

Chapter 8: Xen Networking.

Chapter 9: Advanced Virtual Machine Configuration.

Chapter 10: Using Xen in the Data Center.

Appendix A: xm Command and Option Reference.

Appendix B: Xen Virtual Machine Configuration File Reference.