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Puzzles for Programmers and Pros

Dennis E. Shasha
ISBN: 978-0-470-12168-9
240 pages
May 2007
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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
Part 1 14 Error in Text
Currently reads:
in Solution to Warm-Up, "fraction 25/55 of the money"
Should be:
"fraction 25/51 of the money"
Currently reads:
In Warm-up "25/55"
Should be:
In Warm-up "25/51"
Currently reads:
In Q1 Which coalitions might form?
Should read:
Which other coalitions might form?
Currently reads:In Q2 for B to receive as much money as possible?
changed to be:
for B to guarantee to receive
3 June 2015
part1 50 Error in Text
Currently reads:
Should read
3 June 2015
Part 1 64 Error in Text
Question 4
Currently reads:
In addition, you have the big bucket again with capacity over 100 liters
Should Read:
In addition, you have the big bucket again with capacity just over 5 liters
6 June 2015
solutions 75 Error in Text
Currently reads:
On the second line after the displayed section."A and C" Should be:
"A and D"
3 June 2015
Soultions 77 Error in Text
Currently reads:
The second line of the answer, for question 6, "her 180"
Should be:
"her 190"
3 June 2015
solutions 110-111 Error in Text
The correct order for the maze puzzle should be:
f43, if,

f39, you

f34, would

f33, see

f41, all

f46, of

f29, nature

f54, gathered

f24, up

f52, at

f17, one

f13, point

f47, in

f55, all

f35, her

f30, loveliness

f14, and

f19, her

f37, skill

f0, and

f2, her

f15, deadliness

f16, and

f40, her

f10, sex

f51, where

f21, would

f31, you

f32, find

f12, a

f27, more

f7, exquisite

f23, symbol

f22, than

f53, the

f28, mosquito

f5, if you have found the whole route to get here, you have solved the maze. congratulations.
3 June 2015
Part 1 116 Error in Text
Solution to Dig That!
Readers found that seven probes always suffices. Start by probing the central street at the six places marked in Figure 26. If all six probes detect a tunnel, you are done; otherwise, the rows where no tunnel was detected indicate that the tunnel was dug either one street east or one street west (but not both, since there is not sufficient length for that). To resolve this, assume the missing sections are east and probe for one of them; if it is not found, all the missing sections must be west.
6 June 2015
Part 2 126 Error in Text
Currently reads:
"proceeding in clockwise order"
Should be:
"proceeding in counterclockwise order"
3 June 2015
sweet pack 158 Error in Text
Currently reads:
In solution 1 of the Sweet Packs problem, 1, 6, 29, and 37
should be:
1 5 24 37
3 June 2015
Part 2 170 Error in Text
Solution to Overloaded Scheduling and Freezing Crystals A reader found a total of 171 by suggesting a schedule of T14 T19 T16 T10 T1 T2 T12 T18 T4 T5 T7 T3
T14 T19 T16 T10 T8 T1 T12=T18 T6 T5 T7 T3
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