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Rexx Programmer's Reference

Howard Fosdick
ISBN: 978-0-7645-7996-7
720 pages
March 2005
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

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Part I.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Scripting and Rexx.

Chapter 2: Language Basics.

Chapter 3: Control Structures.

Chapter 4: Arrays.

Chapter 5: Input and Output.

Chapter 6: String Manipulation.

Chapter 7: Numbers, Calculations, and Conversions.

Chapter 8: Subroutines, Functions, and Modularity.

Chapter 9: Debugging and the Trace Facility.

Chapter 10: Errors and Condition Trapping.

Chapter 11: The External Data Queue, or “Stack”.

Chapter 12: Rexx with Style.

Chapter 13: Writing Portable Rexx.

Chapter 14: Issuing System Commands.

Chapter 15: Interfacing to Relational Databases.

Chapter 16: Graphical User Interfaces.

Chapter 17: Web Programming with CGI and Apache.

Chapter 18: XML and Other Interfaces.

Part II.

Chapter 19: Evolution and Implementations.

Chapter 20: Regina.

Chapter 21: Rexx/imc.

Chapter 22: Brexx.

Chapter 23: Reginald.

Chapter 24: Handhelds and Embedded Programming.

Chapter 25: Rexx for Palm OS.

Chapter 26: r4 and Object-Oriented roo!

Chapter 27: Open Object Rexx.

Chapter 28: Open Object Rexx Tutorial.

Chapter 29: IBM Mainframe Rexx.

Chapter 30: NetRexx.

Part III.

Appendix A: Resources.

Appendix B: Instructions.

Appendix C: Functions.

Appendix D: Regina Extended Functions.

Appendix E: Mainframe Extended Functions.

Appendix F: Rexx/SQL Functions.

Appendix G: Rexx/Tk Functions.

Appendix H: Tools, Interfaces, and Packages.

Appendix I: Open Object Rexx: Classes and Methods.

Appendix J: Mod_Rexx: Functions and Special Variables.

Appendix K: NetRexx: Quick Reference.

Appendix L: Interpreter System Information.

Appendix M: Answers to “Test Your Understanding” Questions.


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