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Silverlight 1.0 (0470228407) cover image

Silverlight 1.0

Devin Rader, Jason Beres, J. Ambrose Little, Grant Hinkson
ISBN: 978-0-470-22840-1
320 pages
October 2007
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Please Note
A note about versioning: Please note that all code samples in the book will work with 1.0 as the version. Any instance of version 0.9 you see in the book or code downloads is a case of code that was written on a beta of Silverlight, and the version number just wasn't subsequently updated after the code was verified on the final release of the software. Again, this version number discrepency won't hurt functionality; all code samples will work fine with 1.0 as the version. Also, please note that the use of version in Listing 4-11 is an intentional use of a hypothetical example.
1 13 Incorrect Figure 1-13
Figure 1-13 is incorrect. Go to the downloads available for this book to download the correct figure.
15 Errors in Text
2nd paragraph
Listing 1-1 title

"Default.htm file"
should be:
"Default.html" file
64 Error in Figure Text
Figure 3-6 has a misspelling:

Asset tools: "MediaElerr control"

should be"

"MediaElement control."
Error in Listing 1-6
In Listing 1-6:

In this listing there's height assigned to width and vice versa.

The two values should be switched.