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Silverlight 3 Programmer's Reference (0470385405) cover image

Silverlight 3 Programmer's Reference

J. Ambrose Little, Jason Beres, Grant Hinkson, Devin Rader, Joe Croney
ISBN: 978-0-470-38540-1
608 pages
August 2009
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Part 1: Getting Started.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Silverlight.

Chapter 2: XAML Basics.

Chapter 3: Silverlight Architectural Tour.

Chapter 4: Silverlight Developer Toolbox.

Part 2: Using Silverlight 3 Essentials.

Chapter 5: Controls.

Chapter 6: Silverlight Text.

Chapter 7: Layout.

Chapter 8: Styling Your App and Dealing with Resources.

Chapter 9: Using Graphics and Visuals.

Chapter 10: Making It Richer with Media.

Chapter 11: Using the Services.

Part 3: Building Applications.

Chapter 12: Silverlight, the Browser, and the Server.

Chapter 13: First Things First: Handling Cross-Cutting Concerns.

Chapter 14: Dealing with Data.

Chapter 15: Designing and Styling the User Interface.

Chapter 16: Making the Application Come Alive.

Chapter 17: Creating Custom Controls.


Appendix A: Silverlight Base Class Libraries Reference.

Appendix B: System.Windows Reference.

Appendix C: System.Windows.Media Reference.

Appendix D: System.Windows.Shapes Reference.

Appendix E: Additional Resources.