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VBScript Programmer's Reference, 2nd Edition (0764559931) cover image

VBScript Programmer's Reference, 2nd Edition

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Kathie Kingsley-Hughes, Daniel Read
ISBN: 978-0-7645-5993-8
720 pages
July 2004
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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
4 4th paragraph
There is no spacing between words "use" and "your" in the following sentence: "If you did not write that script... others that use your code will encounter difficulties deciphering the code ...." Later in the same sentence the same error occurs involving words "the" and "code".
5 Last paragraph
Omitted word "four" in first sentence. "Line... is another comment."
10 Last paragraph
Last sentence should read "Compare our intelligent script...", not "Compare out intelligent script..."
13 Error in Text
First sentence:
"We'll being by taking a look..."

should read:
"We'll begin by taking a look..."
96 Error regarding ByVal & VBScript 5.6
At the bottom of p 96 the text states " ... if you do not specify one or the other explicitly, ByVal is the default." There is a similar statement on p 98.

This is not true. In VBS 5.6, the default for passing arguments is ByRef, as demonstrated by the attached script. It was true, however, for the previous version of VBS.
179 Example script referred to in incorrect chapter
In the 1st Paragraph, the example script referred to is in Chapter 5 NOT Chapter 4.
296 Error in Text
The 3rd paragraph, 2nd sentence, has incorrect grammar/plural;

"The example captures the essentials of the technique to exposes properties."

Correct possibilities could be,

"The example captures the essentials of the technique to expose-(delete the "s")-properties"

Or if plural is prefered ie. "exposes", then change the word "to" to "that",

"The example captures the essentials of the technique that exposes properties
Index Error in Index
the Index lists Select Case as being on p. 286. Select Case can actually be found on page 108.
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