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VBScript Programmer's Reference, 2nd Edition (0764559931) cover image

VBScript Programmer's Reference, 2nd Edition

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Kathie Kingsley-Hughes, Daniel Read
ISBN: 978-0-7645-5993-8
720 pages
July 2004
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Chapter 1: A Quick Introduction to Programming.

Chapter 2: What VBScript Is—and Isn’t!

Chapter 3: Data Types.

Chapter 4: Variables and Procedures.

Chapter 5: Control of Flow.

Chapter 6: Error Handling and Debugging.

Chapter 7: The Scripting Runtime Objects.

Chapter 8: Classes in VBScript (Writing Your Own COM Objects).

Chapter 9: Regular Expressions.

Chapter 10: Client-Side Web Scripting.

Chapter 11: Super-Charged Client-Side Scripting.

Chapter 12: Windows Script Host.

Chapter 13: Windows Script Components.

Chapter 14: Script Encoding.

Chapter 15: Remote Scripting.

Chapter 16: HTML Applications.

Chapter 17: Server-Side Web Scripting.

Chapter 18: Adding VBScript to Your VB Applications.

Appendix A: VBScript Functions and Keywords.

Appendix B: Variable Naming Convention.

Appendix C: Coding Convention.

Appendix D: Visual Basic Constants Supported in VBScript.

Appendix E: VBScript Error Codes and the Err Object.

Appendix F: The Scripting Runtime Library Object Reference.

Appendix G: The Windows Script Host Object Model.

Appendix H: Regular Expressions.

Appendix I: VBScript Features not in VBA.

Appendix J: VBA Features not in VBScript.

Appendix K: The Variant Subtypes.

Appendix L: ActiveX Data Objects.


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