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VBScript: Programmer's Reference (0764543679) cover image

VBScript: Programmer's Reference

Susanne Clark, Antonio De Donatis, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Kathie Kingsley-Hughes, Brian Matsik, Erick Nelson, Piotr Prussak, Daniel Read, Carsten Thomsen, Stuart Updegrave, Paul Wilton
ISBN: 978-0-7645-4367-8
840 pages
December 1999
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

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Author Information
Susanne Clark has worked with the latest internet technologies, including DHTML, XML, XSL, IE5 programming and scripting, and has contributed chapters on these subjects to the recently published Professional Visual InterDev 6 Programming from Wrox Press. She is currently working as a user interfaces developer in Seattle, USA. When not dealing with computers, she enjoys spending time with her cats, and reading mystery books. Susanne would like to thank Luca for all of his patience and help. Ti amo.

Antonio De Donatis (adedonatis@yahoo.com) began programming in 1984, using a mixture of Basic and assembler on a Commodore 64. Since then, he has designed software the object-oriented way, employing more programming languages and technologies than he can count. He finds programming to be one of the best activities to exercise creativity and to be intellectually active. He has worked for many of the major firms in IT either as employee or as freelance. His current interests include all the technologies involved in the design and implementation of e-commerce solutions. Antonio holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Pisa University (Italy) and he is a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is Technical Director of Kingsley-Hughes Development Ltd, a UK-based training and development firm, where he is a consultant in Internet Development and Windows platform programming. He has co-authored 8 books for Active Path and Wrox Press. His abiding passion is the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence and he is the Welsh Regional Coordinator for SETILeague Inc. In his spare time he writes horror novels, plays the didgeridoo and is currently building a radio telescope in his back yard.

Kathie Kingsley-Hughes In addition to writing web development books for Active Path and Wrox Press, Kathie Kingsley-Hughes is the Managing Director of UK-based Kingsley-Hughes Development Ltd, where she specializes primarily in the development and delivery of training courses in web development skills. She began teaching in 1985 and has lectured at several UK colleges and other training establishments and she is currently teaching at ZDU. Any spare time is taken up with astronomy, photography and hiking in the mountains.

Brian Matsik is the President and Senior Consultant at OOCS in Charlotte, NC. He is MCSD certified and has been working with Visual Basic, VBScript, and VBA for over six years. He currently specializes in ASP, SQL Server, and VB COM. Brian can be reached at brianmat@oocs.com.

Erick Nelson is a 18 year old Internet developer and programmer, and creator of the award winning website cues.com. about which he spoke at both the 1998 and 1999 Professional ASP Developer's Conference. Erick began his programming career at age 16, and now has experience using ASP, VBScript and Visual Basic to design sites. Erick enjoys playing computer games and working on his online RPG system. His outdoor activities include mountain biking, swimming, cliff jumping, playing tennis and snow skiing. He can be reached at erick@ericknelson.com.

Piotr Prussak works for ACEN in Buffalo, NY as a developer (although he is originally from Poland). He creates ASP, VB and Java Applications for the company and its clients. He also spends some time working with the SQL server and ColdFusion, probably more than he should. When he's not programming and mentoring, he either writes stuff, or edits stuff written by others. Sometimes he sleeps, eats and relaxes like any other human being. In the past life he used to be a photographer, but that was just too relaxing. Piotr (or Peter, as some might call him) is married to lovely Joanne, who is an MIS student at a local University. Sometimes they travel all over the world and are disconnected from the world of computers and 24 hour news.

Daniel Read is Senior Developer at Compass, Inc. in Atlanta, GA, where he and fellow team members build IIS/ASP/VB/MTS e-commerce web sites, as well as client/server and distributed systems. Daniel sometimes longs for his simpler, statically linked days as an X-Base developer and DOS command line junkie, but today enjoys the power afforded by the arsenal of Microsoft's Windows DNA tools and technologies. His other interests include camping, crime fiction, listening to music of all sorts, and going to as many concerts as he can. He's not sure if co-authoring a programming book will help him meet the woman of his dreams, but it sure would be nice.

Carsten Thomsen is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, who started programming in Visual Basic back in 1993, when it was version 3.0. Presently he is pursuing Microsoft Certified Systems Developer certification and was recently awarded the MVP title for his contributions to the Microsoft Visual Basic newgroups. For the last 4 years he has been developing 2-tier and 3-tier client/server solutions based on MS SQL Server, MTS and MSMQ, but has more recently been moving towards browser-based development, based on MS IIS, using ASP/VBScript, COM/ActiveX components and Visual Basic WebClasses. In whatever spare time he has, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his two daughters, Nicole and Caroline, and his girlfriend Mia. He works out at a local gym and (at spectator-level) enjoys ice hockey and soccer. He is generally considered a computer freak, and spends too much time at the computer.

Paul Wilton After an initial start as a Visual Basic applications programmer, Paul found himself pulled into the net and has spent the last 18 months helping create internet and intranet solutions. Currently he is developing web-based systems, primarily using Visual Basic 6 and SQL Server 7, along with numerous other technologies.

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