XNA 3D Primer (0470596937) cover image

XNA 3D Primer

Michael C. Neel
ISBN: 978-0-470-59693-7
Wrox Blox PDF
42 pages
January 2010
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Author Information
Michael C. Neel is a software developer living in Knoxville, Tennessee. http://ViNull.comis Michael’s personal web site, and he also blogs at http://Devlicio.uswith several other .NET developers. A regular speaker on .NET and general software development, Michael has spoken at conferences and user groups in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Indiana. Michael is a Microsoft MVP ASP.NET award recipient for 2009 and 2009. (That’s not a mistake: He’s twice received the 2009 MVP Award — he's that special.)
Michael is a founding board member of the East Tennessee .NET Users Group and organizes the annual CodeStock conference, the largest software developer conference in east Tennessee. More information on CodeStock can be found at http://codestock.org.
In 2009 Michael co-founded FuncWorks, LLC to work on those ideas we all have but too often neglect. Many of Michael’s ideas are game-related, and in October 2009 FuncWorks released IncaBlocks to Xbox Live Indie Games using XNA. The FuncWorks crew produces a weekly podcast called "Feel the Func," discussing software development, graphic design, and technology startups. RSS feed and past episodes are available at http://feelthefunc.com.
Michael has two amazing daughters, Rachel and Hannah, and lives with Cicelie, who inflates and pops his ego as necessary.