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XNA 3D Primer

Michael C. Neel
ISBN: 978-0-470-59693-7
Wrox Blox PDF
42 pages
January 2010
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This Wrox Blox will guide you through the world of 3D programming and give you solid knowledge and a foundation in game programming using Microsoft's XNA Framework. You will learn the fundamentals from 3D mathematics to model animation, including all the subjects needed to start developing 3D games, such as how to position objects in 3D space, handle collision detection, control the game camera, and understand the basics of shaders — special programs that execute on the graphics processor. Also covered are how to extend the XNA Content Pipeline to read and use model skeletal animation, and also load and play back timeline animation data created in 3D modeling tools. 3D concepts and systems can seem like a foreign language when you're a beginner. And not knowing the lingo can make it hard to know what terms to search for to solve a problem. This Wrox Blox will give you all the tools you need to build your own 3D game.

Table of Contents

Who Is This Book For? 1

3D Overview 2

Basic 3D Math 4

Right-Hand Rule 4

Working with Matrices 5

Identity, Scale, Rotate, Orbit, Translate (ISROT) 6

Working with Vectors 7

Unit Vectors 10

Working with Quaternions 12

Controlling the Camera 13

Basic Camera 13

Follow Camera 19

ViewPorts 20

BoundingFrustum 22

3D Models 23

Modeling Programs and Formats 23

Loading a Model 24

Collision Detection 27

Skeletal Animations 29

Extending the Content Pipeline 29

Manipulating Bones at Run Time 31

Using Model Animations 36

About Michael C. Neel 39

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