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XSLT: Programmer's Reference, 2nd Edition (0764543814) cover image

XSLT: Programmer's Reference, 2nd Edition

Michael Kay
ISBN: 978-0-7645-4381-4
1008 pages
May 2001
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Chapter 1: XSLT in Context.

Chapter 2: The XSLT Processing Model.

Chapter 3: Stylesheet Structure.

Chapter 4: XSLT Elements.

Chapter 5: Expressions.

Chapter 6: Patterns.

Chapter 7: Functions.

Chapter 8: Writing Extension Functions.

Chapter 9: Stylesheet Design Patterns.

Chapter 10: Worked Examples.

Appendix A: Microsoft MSXML3.

Appendix B: Oracle.

Appendix C: Saxon.

Appendix D: Xalan.

Appendix E: Other Products.

Appendix F: TrAX: The Transformation API for XML.


Index A – Elements.

Index B – Functions.

Index C – General.