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jQuery for ASP.NET Developers

Joe Brinkman
ISBN: 978-0-470-47845-5
Wrox Blox PDF
66 pages
September 2009
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This Wrox Blox teaches you how to use jQuery with your ASP.NET-based websites.  jQuery greatly simplifies JavaScript development and allows you to create highly interactive and responsive websites using the latest JavaScript and AJAX techniques. The author walks you through the jQuery API using a simple ASP.NET MVC application to highlight major topics, and shows how you can apply jQuery to your own applications. After learning the basics of using jQuery, you’ll discover how easy it is to use within your own ASP.NET projects.  Whether you are using WebForms or the MVC framework, jQuery will greatly simplify your code.  As you will quickly find out, jQuery really is the “write less, do more” framework.

Table of Contents

Overview 1

Getting Started 2

jQuery Basics 2

Jumping into the API 5

jQuery Core Functions 5

jQuery Selectors 14

DOM Retrieval, Manipulation, and Traversal 23

Event Handling 32

Effects 42


Plug-Ins 52

Using jQuery in ASP.NET 58

Visual Studio 2010 58

Web Forms 58

MVC Framework 59

Summary 61

About Joe Brinkman 62 

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